Class Info

​You will need to bring the following:

Handgun-at least .32 caliber.
Do not bring your weapon or ammo into class. Leave it in your vehicle out of sight until we arrive at the range. All Weapons and magazines should be UNLOADED before coming to the class or range area. An accidental discharge while loading, unloading, or handling your weapon may result in your disqualification of the proficiency certification.

  • All handguns should be in good repair with no modifications which would render the weapon unsafe.

Place make sure you are familiar with your handgun and it is properly sighted-in as there is no time allotted in class for this.

Ammunition- a minimum of 50 rounds, SAAMI* approved (factory loads, no reloads allowed, no steel-core ammo allowed on range.)
Recommended ammunition: 
Hornady, Winchester, Federal Cartridge Co., Remington Arms Co/UMC, PMC, Fiocco of America, Inc. , Black Hills, Accurate/Ultra Max.(*Sporting Arms Ammunition Manufacturing Institute)

Eye Protection
(provided at range if you do not have your own)

Ear Protection
(provided at range if you do not have your own)

Long Pants
(no shorts)

Closed toed shoes and socks
(absolutely no sandals)

Baseball caps are recommended
(but not required).

Blouses, and open collared shirts are not recommended as hot ejecting brass may fly inside the shirt or blouse.
T-shirts or full-collared shirts are recommended.

​​Our course includes the following ​required topics:​
  • Safe use and storage of firearms
  • LTC and Weapons Laws​
  • ​Open Carry and Campus Carry
​We also cover these additional topics:
  • Non-lethal weapon uses
  • Situational awareness

All these topics are covered by means of a PowerPoint presentation with videos, demonstrations,
and graphics designed to make you well prepared for the written portion of the exam.

The course also includes your Handgun Proficiency exam, performed in the comfort of an
indoor air-conditioned ​Range (range fee not included).

Upon completion of the the course you will receive:
CHL100 Certificate of Training

Obtaining a License to Carry for the State of Texas requires successful
completion of a minimum 4 hour ​(PLUS RANGE TIME) certification outlined
by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

  • ​20 rounds fired from 3 yards
    • 5-round, one-shot exercise – 2 seconds per shot
    • 10-round, two-shot exercise – 3 seconds per shot
    • ​5 rounds in 10 seconds
  • 20 rounds fired from 7 yards
    • 5 rounds in 10 seconds
    • 5 rounds – 2 in 4 seconds, 3 in 6 seconds
    • 5 rounds – 3 seconds each
    • 5 rounds in 15 seconds
  • 10 rounds fired from 15 yards
    • 2 rounds in 6 seconds
    • 3 rounds in 9 seconds
    • 5 rounds in 15 seconds​

​​Scoring: 8, 9 & 10 rings count 5 points, 7 ring counts 4 pounts, outside the rings but on target is 3 points.
Maximum Score is ​250; minimum passing score is 175 (70%).​

  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution
  • Use of Force and Deadly Force

The Shooting Proficiency test is fired using a
B27 target and consists of: