I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time and diligence in the CHL class last Saturday. I must confess that it was my husband’s idea for us to get concealed handgun licenses and handguns. I went into this apprehensive of my abilities as a Senior citizen. After going to your class I feel completely comfortable and confident. The information and the manner in which you presented it was very interested. At no time during the class did I feel that it was difficult to understand or “over my head”. It had certainly clarified some questions in my mind about carrying a weapon and what justifies using it, which I pray I never have to do. But if the occasion does rear its ugly head, I feel that I can reflect on the things you taught in the class and that whatever measures I need to take in a dangerous situation. Thank you again. I will certainly encourage my friends who are interested in pursuing their CHL to contact you for more information.

- Luci K.


Dear Robert Hall,

Me & my wife really did enjoy your class. We felt much more educated about the CHL license & are very greatful for it. For it being a 4 hour class, we liked it! Thank you & we would recomend the class to others & already have!

Matthew & Amy B.


Mr. Hall,

You ran a great class. I very much enjoyed your CHL class and the way you approached teaching it. I especially enjoyed the fact that you had us complete the shooting part of the class mid way through. That allowed us to regenerate our enthusiasum and get the most out of the whole day. Your a great speaker, enjoyable, good personality, genuine good person. I look forward to seeing you again sometime.

Thanks again for a great class.

See you on the range, this has re-excited my love of shooting!


​My girlfriend and I attended Robert Hall’s CHL class a week ago not really knowing what to expect from the course. Only one word describes Robert’s attitude towards his class and that is professional.

Robert was very thorough with all the material contained in his course. He was especially focused on gun safety, not just rushing people through his class to hurry up and go home. Kristin and I were extremely impressed with the high level of professionalism, passion, and understanding Robert showed, especially during the firing drills. Kristin was a little apprehensive during the live fire exercises, but with help from Robert she was able to shoot very proficiently for her test. Obtaining your CHL is not a decision to take lightly! It is a means of protecting yourself and those who matter the most to you. Robert emphasized this fact and the purpose of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms many times during the course. Robert also explained why it is so important for us as licensed concealed carry citizens to act in a manner that reflects our responsibility, and that having your CHL means you will be held to a higher standard. Something that I also enjoyed about Robert’s class is how he focused on the use of force as a last resort only. STOP, CONTROL, and NEUTRALIZE are not aggression driven. Kristin and I could not imagine taking the CHL course with anyone other Robert Hall. We appreciate our 2nd Amendment right and hope the situation will never arise when we may need to defend ourselves or our families. However, after training with Robert Hall we are better prepared!

Thank you Robert Hall for preparing both of us!

- Jacob & Kristin


​I had a great class experience! I was initially apprehensive that I would not be able to remember everything but Robert made me very comfortable with every aspect of handgun laws and gun safety. The class was informative as well as engaging and I was very pleasantly surprised when I aced the test. I also received excellent instruction in the firing of my weapon. Thank you for making my experience a memorable as well informative one.

Tina W.


​My wife and I attended Robert Hall’s CHL class this past weekend expecting something like a defensive driving course, not very serious and more of hurry up and get the test over with so we can go home. Boy, were we plesantly surprised! Robert’s class was extremely thorough, informative, professional, and entertaining. I have not owned a weapon since my 22 year old son was born and my wife has never handled a gun in her life. The material presented not only gave my wife an excellent understanding of handguns, but also was a great refresher for me after 22 years of not handling guns. During our qualification at the range, Robert was extremely patient and encouraging with my wife. She was very apprehensive going in, but by the time we finished she not only passed, but she was much more comfortable firing the Glock Robert provided. Some of the videos introduced were eye opening and to the point concerning our safety while carrying concealed weapons. Obtaining your CHL is nothing to take lightly! Someone may get killed! Robert emphasised the purpose for our 2nd Ammendment liberty often during the class. “Stop”, “Control”, and “Nuetralize” have nothing to do with aggression as some ignorant people might contend, and “Last resort” is always the goal of CHL use according to the class and Robert really drove the point throughout our class. I appreciate my 2nd Ammendment rights in our country and I intend on exercising them when necessary, however; I really appreciate people like Robert Hall teaching us how better to be aware, prepare and avoid situations rather than look for conflict. My wife and I will be CHL carrying, but we pray we will never have to use our weapons.

Thank you Robert Hall for educating both of us as we prepare to be prepared and aware.

- Griff & Charmaine R.


​It was a great class and Les and I appreciate how much time you took to review the underlying principles and rammifications of responsible gun ownership. Thank you, Robert!

Debra T.


​I learned a lot about being a responsible gun owner and how to carry my weapon safely. The class was a lot of fun. thanks a lot Robert.

Robert P.


​Hello Robert Hall,

Wanted to say thanks for the time spent in your concealed carry class. My wife decided months ago that she wanted to get her license. So, I figured I would take the class with her. That way she didn’t have to go alone. I was amazed at what I learned about the laws & how much you helped me with my shooting skills. I believe I came out a better shooter! I really thought it was going to be a long boring day! Much to my surprise, you kept it fun & funny, on top of making sure we got all the highlights that were most important. The day actually flew by. I was really worried about the tests, due to the fact that I don’t test well. I made a 100 on the written test. Even though my wife did out-shoot me on the range! But, it’s cool. I’ve been practicing. Can’t let that happen again! All that aside, I really enjoyed the class & will recommend it to all my friends who are talking about taking the course. They need to come to your class. Thanks again!!

Super Job!

Gary A.


​Dear Robert,

As you well know, I was very scared about attending your course. I would have never even considered going to your class or getting a license to carry if my husband hadn’t decided to do so. I didn’t think it was a good idea for me to be so close to a weapon and not have any idea how to handle it. I had never even held a gun until the night before and I certainly had never shot one. You were very kind to make me feel welcome and to use me in your demonstrations so that I could learn the appropriate technique before heading to the range. You can only imagine how surprised I was to obtain a perfect score. I really paid attention to all of your instructions and despite my fear was able to exceed my own expectations (and everyone else’s for that matter!). Upon encouragement from you, your wife and my husband, I completed the registration for the license. I have yet to purchase a gun, but am considering it. I guess the comfort of knowing I CAN carry, is comforting. I hope I never need to use one. Again, I thank you for providing a well designed course that not only kept my attention for 4 hours, but also gave me a new skill.

Maybe I’ll see you at the range. I have to make it a priority to practice. I also want to try the unexpected shots as those are most realistic to me. I doubt I will have a still target and several seconds to prepare should I ever need to use one. I also really liked the laser target. Maybe I’ll put that on my Christmas list!

Thanks again!

Debbie S.


​Robert, just wanted to say that your class was great and you are such a thorough instructor. You covered topics that a lot of other instructors would have probably skipped but are truly important if you find yourself in the position to act upon your rights as a citizen to bear arms. And, it’s important to know all facets. Taking this class from you means more to me than words can ever express. I will definitely spread the word to my friends. You will come highly recommended by me as an excellent instructor but also as a great human being!

Holli D.


​Robert, Class was great!! My wife and sister will see ya next year

Jeff C.


Took the class and it was awesome.Robert was amazing instructor and very knowledgeable. If your looking to get your Chl dfw concealed carry is the BEST! 5 STARS ALL AROUND!

John T.​


​Robert you teach a terrific class and I learned so much. Thanks!

Crystal C.


​Thanks so much for all the knowledge you shared with us. I feel much safer and a lot more educated about the law. I will be in touch for more training! Thanks again. Great class!!!

Matt T.

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